Research Interests

I have been working in the area of Science and Religion since 1996 and have served on various advisory boards, including AAAS-Dialogue on Science, Ethics and Religion and Metanexus.  My research interests have focused on divine action in a world of chaos, Christ in evolution,  consciousness and the emergence of God in evolution, artificial intelligence and the trends of transhumanism and ultrahumanism, consciousness and catholicity, prayer and quantum entanglement, and cosmology and culture.  More recently my research has explored topics such as:   metaphysics of love as bridge between science and religion, quantum wholeness and catholicity, and posthumanism/transhumanism.   I am interested in the transcendent nature of nature, the role of artificial intelligence in nature’s transcendence, evolution and the emergence of God.   I continue to be fascinated by the philosophical notion of being as becoming and the theological implications of evolutionary becoming in light of God’s presence in the world.  And I am deeply interested in exploring the meaning of Christian life in evolution.