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Book Series

I am General Editor for the book series, Catholicity in an Evolving World, published by Orbis Books.  This is a multi-volume project that examines various aspects of catholicity in light of modern science, theology, and culture.  Five books published to date:   Making All Things New (Ilia Delio); A New Heaven and a New Earth (Dianne Bergant; 2017 Catholic Press Book Award, First Place, Biblical Spirituality); Source of All Love: Catholicity and Trinity  (Heidi Russell; received the 2018 Catholic Press Book Award, 2nd Place Faith and Science); Image of the Unseen God:  Catholicity, Science and Our Evolving Understanding of God (Thomas E. Hosinski; received the 2018 Catholic Press Book Award, First Place, in Faith and Science); And God Created Wholeness: A Spirituality of Catholicity (Edwin Olson).

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