Curriculum vitae

Ilia Delio, O.S.F.

Josephine C. Connelly Endowed Chair in Theology

Department of Theology and Religious Studies

Villanova University

800 E. Lancaster Ave.

Villanova, PA  19085


Fordham University

Ph.D., Historical Theology

M.A., Historical Theology

Rutgers University-Healthcare and Biomedical Sciences

Ph.D., Pharmacology

Seton Hall University

M.S., Biology

DeSales University

B.S., Biology 



The Hours of the Universe: Reflections on God, Science and the Human Journey.  New York:  Orbis Books, 2021.

Re-Enchanting the Earth: Why AI Needs Religion.  New York: Orbis Books, 2020.

Birth of a Dancing Star: My Journey from Cradle Catholic to Cyborg Christian.  New York: Orbis Books, 2019.

 A Ferences Imadsag, Budapest, 2019.  This book is a Hungarian translation of my 2004 book Franciscan Prayer.   Cincinnati:  Franciscan Media.

 A Hunger for Wholeness:  Soul, Space and Transcendence.   Mahwah: Paulist Press, 2018.

 Personal Transformation and a New Creation:  The Spiritual Revolution of Beatrice Bruteau.  New York: Orbis Books, 2016.

 Making All Things New:  Catholicity in the 21st Century, vol. 1, Catholicity in an Evolving Universe.  New York: Orbis Books, 2015 (nominated for the 2017 Grawemeyer Award). 2019 Michael Ramsey Prize – shortlisted.

Humanity on the Threshold:  Religious Perspectives on Transhumanism (co-edited with John Haugey, SJ). Christian Philosophical Studies, VI, ed. George McLean.  Washington, D.C.:  Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, 2014.

 From Teilhard to Omega: Co-creating an Unfinished Universe (ed.).   New York: Orbis Books, 2014.

The Unbearable Wholeness of Being:  God, Evolution, and the Power of Love.  New York: Orbis Books, 2013 (2014 Catholic Press Book Award, 3rd Place, Science and Religion; 2014 Silver Nautilus Book Award; nominated for the 2014 Grawemeyer Award).

 The Emergent Christ: Exploring the Meaning of Catholic in an Evolutionary Universe.   Maryknoll, N.Y.:  Orbis Books, 2011 (2nd printing).  Catholic Press Association Book Award 2012, 3rd Place:  Faith and Science.  (nominated for the 2014 Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award).   Translated into Spanish and Italian.

Compassion:  Living in the Spirit of Francis of Assisi.  Cincinnati: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2011.

Christ in Evolution.   Maryknoll, N.Y.:  Orbis Books, 2008 (3rd printing).  Translated into Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

Care for Creation:  A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth (with Keith Warner and Pamela Woods).  Cincinnati:  St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2008.   (2009 Catholic Press Book Award:  1st Place for Social Concerns, 2nd Place for Spirituality.)

Ten Evenings with God.   Ligouri:  Ligouri Press, 2008.

Clare of Assisi: A Heart Full of Love.  Cincinnati:  St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2007.

The Humility of God:  A Franciscan Perspective.  Cincinnati:  St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2005.

Franciscan Prayer.  Cincinnati:  St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2004.

A Franciscan View of Creation:  Living in a Sacramental World.  Heritage Series.  Number 2.  Edited by Joseph P. Chinnici.  New York:  The Franciscan Institute, 2003.

Simply Bonaventure:  An Introduction to His Life, Thought and Writings.  New York:  New City Press, 2001.

The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition.  Cincinnati:  St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2001.

 Crucified Love:  Bonaventure’s Mysticism of the Crucified Christ.  Quincy, IL:  Franciscan Press, 1998.

Book Series:

I am General Editor for the book series, Catholicity in an Evolving World, published by Orbis Books.  This is a multi-volume project that examines various aspects of catholicity in light of modern science, theology, and culture.  Eleven books published to date:  

Bergant, Diane. A New Heaven, A New Earth: The Bible and Catholicity, 2016.  Winner of 2017 Catholic Press Book Award, Scripture, 1st Place. 

Bracken, Joseph. Church as Dynamic Life-System: Shared Ministries and Common Responsibilities, 2019. 

Coriden, James. Law, Spirit, and Catholicity, 2018.

Delio, Ilia. Making All Things New: Catholicity, Cosmology, and Consciousness, 2015.

Faggioli, Massimo. The Liminal Papacy of Pope Francis: Moving Toward Global Catholicity, 2020.

Frohlich, Mary. Birthed into Wholeness: Catholicity and Life in the Spirit, 2019. 

Horan, Daniel. Catholicity and Emerging Personhood: A Contemporary Theological Anthropology, 2019.  Winner of 2019 Excellence in Publishing Award by Association of Catholic Publisher, Theology, 1st Place.  

Hosinski, Thomas E. Image of the Unseen God: Catholicity, Science, and Our Evolving Understanding of God, 2017.  Winner of 2018 Catholic Press Book Award, Faith and Science, 1st Place.

Maldari, Donald C. Christian Ministry in the Divine Milieu: Catholicity, Evolution, and the Reign of God, 2019.  Winner of 2019 Catholic Press Book Award, Theology, 3rd Place.

Olson, Edwin. And God Created Wholeness:  A Spirituality of Catholicity, 2018.  Winner of the 2019 Catholic Press Book Award, Faith and Science, 1st Place.

Russell, Heidi. Source of All Love:  The Trinity and Catholicity, 2017.   Winner of 2018 Catholic Press Book Award, Faith and Science, 2nd Place.


Guest Editor:  Religions.  Special issue on “Catholicity in 21st Century” (Spring, 2021).

Book Chapters:

(2021) “Duns Scotus, Catholicity and the Roots of Process Thought.” In Catholic Theology and Process Reality. Edited by Marc Pugliese and John Becker. Lexington Books.

(2021) “Whither Thou Go, O Universe? Why Religion and Evolution Belong Together.” In Science, Deep Past and Religion. Edited by Lowell Gustafson, David Blanks and Barry Rodrigue.

(2021) “Religion and Posthuman Life: Teilhard’s Noosphere.” In Being Neighbors in a Digital Age. Edited by Ryan Bolger and Calloway. Lexington Books.

(2020) “Theology of Nature or Relational Holism?Building on Teilhard’s Vision.”  In God in the Natural World: Theological Explorations in Appreciation of Denis Edwards.  Edited by Ted Peters and Marie Turner.  Melbourne:  ATF Press.

(2020) “Will Transhumanism Reach Its Omega Point?” Religious Transhumanism and Its Critics. Edited by Ted Peters. Lexington Books.

(2019) “Suffering and Sacrifice in an Unfinished Universe.” In Mimesis and Sacrifice: Applying Girard’s Mimetic Theory Across the Disciplines. Edited by Marcia Palley. New York: Bloomsbury Press.

(2018) “The Entangled God of My Heart.” In How I found God in Everyone and Everywhere: Memoirs of Spiritual Return. Edited by Philip Clayton and Andrew David. Monkfish Publishing Co.

(2018) “The Dazzling Light Within.” In What Am I Living For: Lessons from the Life and Writings of Thomas Merton, pp. 151-59. Edited by Jon Sweeney. Ave Maria Press.

(2017) “New Seeds of Contemplation.” In Take and Read: Christian Writers Reflect on Life Most Influential Books, pp. 217-20. Edited by Michael Daley and Dianne Bergant. Berkeley:  Apocryphile Press.

(2016) “Teilhard’s Deep Catholicity and Conscious Evolution.” In Living Cosmology, pp. 81-90. Edited by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim. New York: Orbis Books.

(2015) “The Influence of Teilhard de Chardin on the Journey of the Universe.” In Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to Journey of the Universe. Edited by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim. New York:  Orbis Books. 

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(2011) “Arriving at a Christocentric Universe” In In Search of the Whole: Twelve Essays on Faith and Academic Life, pp. 111- 28. Edited by John C. Haughey. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

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Encyclopedia Articles:

(2020) “Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.” Oxford Handbook of Apologists. Edited by Douglas Givett.  Oxford University Press.

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Journal Articles:

 “Mattering Love into Kinship: The Posthuman as Open Subject.”  Interconnections: Journal of Posthumanism (submitted).

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Center for Christogenesis:

February 8, 2021: “Love as the Bridge Between Science and Religion.”

January 26, 2021: “Marshall McLuhan: A Prophet of Teilhard’s Vision.”

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April 29, 2020: “The Ineffable Bond of Love.”

April 20, 2020: “The 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic: What Would Teilhard Say?”

April 13, 2020: “Do Not Be Afraid.”

April 6, 2020: “Internet Easter.”

March 23, 2020: “The Pandemic Mirror.”

March 16, 2020: “Dear God.”

March 9, 2020: “Hope in a Time of Crisis.”

March 4, 2020: “Evolution, Posthumanism, and the New Catholicity.”

February 25, 2020: “A Lenten Invitation.”

February 10, 2020: “Fire Burns, and So Does Love.”

January 14, 2020: “Praying in Teilhard’s Universe.”

December 31, 2019: “New Year 2020.”

November 18, 2019: “Suffering and Pain in an Unfinished Universe.”

November 4, 2019: “Jesus Christ: The New Singularity of Cosmic Evolution.”

October 15, 2019: “Theological Praxis for Posthuman Life.”

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September 24, 2019: “Warming, Warming, Gone! Who Will Survive Climate Change?”

September 23, 2019: “Religious Life in a Posthuman Age.”

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July 5, 2019: “Theology Needs a Radical Revisioning.”

June 23, 2019: “The Problem of Evil.”

June 10, 2019: “The Rainbow of Pride.”

June 10, 2019: “Changes in the Church: Momentary Crisis or a New Epoch of Consciousness?”

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March 26, 2019: “Relational Holism.”

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December 17, 2018: “A New People for a New World: Further Reflections on Christmas.”

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December 23, 2017: “God Loves to Do New Things.”

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December 5, 2016: “Waiting in an Unfinished Universe.”

November 7, 2016: “The Depth of Love in a Shallow Culture.”

October 3, 2016: “What is God?”

September 5, 2016: “Love as the Bridge Between Science and Religion.”

August 29, 2016: “Can Science Heal Our World?”

August 1, 2016: “Love at the Heart of the Cosmos.”

Global Sisters Report:

December 1, 2020: “The Modern Vision of Pope Francis in a Medieval Church.”

October 19, 2020: “Fratelli Tutti: Papal Dreams or Vatican Diversion?”

February 11, 2020: “God Can Emerge in New Ways Through Teilhard’s ‘Troubled Worship.’”

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November 30, 2015: “Laudato Si’ and Vatican III.”

September 27, 2015: “Beatrice Bruteau, Pope Francis and Global Community.”

June 30, 2015: “Lex Credenda, Lex Vivendi: A Response to Laudato Si.’”

May 11, 2015: “A New Level of Thinking About Creation.”

March 30, 2015: “Radical Forgiveness: Lessons from Nature.”

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December 30, 2014: “2015: The Year of Love.”

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November 17, 2014: “Why Transhumanism Will Transform the Church?”

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September 3, 2014: “Are Ecology and Technology Competing Myths?”

July 21, 2014: “The Church and the Divided Brain.”

June 3, 2014: “Is a ‘Common Good’ Possible?”

May 8, 2014: “Renewing the Conversation Between Faith and Science.”

May 7, 2014: “New Vision.”

Also published in National Catholic Reporter:

July 15, 2019: “Evolution Is Our Fundamental Reality.”

July 3, 2019: “Theology Needs Radical Revisioning.”

August 30, 2017: “Evolution and Social Justice, Nature Itself.”

January 23, 2017: “Discovering the True Self in God with Merton’s Guidance.”

April 4, 2016: “Politics, Teilhard, and the World’s Future.”

March 8, 2016: “Living in a Wavy Universe.”

June 30, 2015: “Lex Credenda, Lex Vivendi: A Response to Laudato Si.’”

December 31, 2014: “2015: The Year of Love.”

December 9, 2014: “God Is Always New.”

July 22, 2014: “The Church and the Divided Brain.”

May 8, 2014: “Renewing the Conversation Between Faith and Science.”

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Interviews and Documentaries:

November 16, 2020: Contemporary Spirituality: “An Interview with Mike Matteuzzi on Birth of a Dancing Star.”

August 5, 2020: Vox: “What Christianity Is and What It Could Be.”

July 26, 2020:  The Bible for Normal People: “Grounding God in Evolution.”

June 13, 2020:  What Is Life? “A Philosophical Conversation with Tim Freke and Ilia Delio.”

January 14, 2020: Fuller Curated: “Ilia Delio on Digital Dualism.”

December 12, 2019: Centre for Catholic Studies Podcast: “Ilia Delio: Living Creation Theology: Franciscan Contributions.”

November 22, 2019:  ideaXme: “Integrating Science and Religion to Uncover New Ideas and Truths.”

September 18, 2019: Vox: “Religion and Robots.”

October 15, 2018: Homebrewed Christianity Podcast: “The Entangled God of My Heart.”

June 6, 2018: Phone interview with John Miller for story on AI – America Magazine.

May 18, 2018: Phone interview with Jack Jenkins for article “Can the Church Keep Up with Artificial Intelligence?”

June 1, 2018: Audio interview for The Christian Transhumanism Podcast.

March 30, 2018: Theology in Dialogue: “Part II: Creativity, Novelty, and Future.”

March 16, 2018: Theology in Dialogue: “Part I: Doing Theology in an Unfinished Universe.”

January 10, 2018: Audio interview for Voice of America on “AI and Humanity.” Quoted in US News and World Report on “How Your Smartphone May Be Making You Unhappy.” February 13, 2018.

July 24, 2017: Audio interview for Omega Center: “Creating an Interior Universe.”

December 7, 2017: Interview for Three Bridges West, CA: “A Hunger for Wholeness,” PBS documentary on Consciousness and Mysticism.

November 28, 2016: Audio interview with Ilia Delio for Omega Center: “Harnessing Love in Changing and Challenging Times.”

October 31, 2016: Audio interview with Ilia Delio. Omega Center: “Love in the Midst of Suffering.”

March 28, 2011: Interview for Progressive

March 20, 2011:  U.S. Catholic, Universal Savior:  Ilia Delio Reimagines Christ.

The Emergent Christ and Evolutionary Catholicism, The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity.

Sr. Ilia Delio and the intersection of Science and Religion, The Austin Statesman.

Lectures 2015 – 2020:

* Lectures in March – June 2020 were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 December 10, 2020: “New Materialism, Relational Holism, and Posthuman Life,” The Institute on Religion in an Age of Science.

November 14, 2020: “Cosmic Hope in a Time of Crisis,” The School for Contemplative Living.

October 17, 2020: “Love and the Evolution of Consciousness,” The Aspen Chapel, Colorado.

October 7, 2020: “Ethics of COVID-19,” Panelist, Department of Theology, Villanova University.

September 21, 2020: “Earth: A Mirror of God,” Mercy Week Keynote Speaker, Maria College, Albany, New York.

March 12, 2020: “Birth of a Dancing Star: My Journey from Cradle Catholic to Cyborg Christian,” St. Augustine Center, Villanova University.

 February 20, 2020: Voices of Inspiration Endowed Lecture Series, Baldwin Wallace University:

  • Lecture on “Deep Relationality and a New Religion of the Earth”
  • Lecture on “Evolution and the Dynamism of God”
  • Lecture on “The Emerging Posthuman: What Are We Becoming?”

February 5, 2020:  Sacred Heart University—Honorary Doctorate

  • Convocation talk:   “Learning to Love the Whole”
  • Bergoglio lecture:   “Evolution, Posthumanism and the New Catholicity”

November 23, 2019: AAR Meeting, San Diego. Talk on “Suffering and Sacrifice in an Unfinished Universe.”

November 7, 2019: Franciscan Legacy Conference: University of Durham UK. Talk on “Creation Theology in the Context of Modern Science:  The Franciscan Contribution.”

November 1, 2019:  Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA. Talk on “The Posthuman in the Second Axial Period.”

October 21-23, 2019:  Public Theology and Technology of Presence, UC-Berkeley.  Talk on “The Rise of Techno Sapiens:  Are We Becoming Extinct?”

September 14, 2019: Anglican Franciscan Conference, New York City. Talk on “Evolution and the Primacy of Christ.”

April 16, 2019: Killeen Chair of Theology and Philosophy Lecture, St. Norbert College, WI.

November 9-10, 2018: Villanova Conference, The Inside Story:  Consciousness, Nature and Transcendence. Lecture: “Can Matter Transcend Alone?  Insights from the Mystics.”

November 3, 2018: St. Benedict’s College, Duluth, MN.  Keynote speaker: “The Logic of Love.”

October 9, 2018:  Villanova University, Theology Department.  Panelist on Faith, Reason and Culture.

July 20-21, 2018: Omega Center Conference, Kansas City, Keynote:  “Why Christianity Is a Religion of Evolution:  Teilhard’s Vision.”

June 24-30, 2018: Institute for Religion in an Age of Science (IRAS), Star Island, New Hampshire.  Keynote speaker on topic: “Artificial Intelligence:  Who’s in Control?”

June 7-10, 2018: Madaleva Institute of Spirituality, Keynote Presenter:  “A Hunger for Wholeness:  Exploring the Inner-Outer Universe.”

May 20-25, 2018: Maryknoll Institute of Theology, Keynote Presenter: “Evolution and the Unfinished Self.”

May 6, 2018:   Norbertine Abbey, Paoli, PA:   The Phyllis Martin Lecture, “The Challenges of Living in a Sacramental World.”

April 27, 2018:  Cambridge University-St. Edmunds College, UK, The Von Hügel Lecture: “AI, Digital Dualism and the Loss of Wonder.”

April 20, 2018:  St. Joseph’s College, Brentwood, New York, “Christian Life, Cyborg Life: Evolution and the Unfinished Self.”

April 2, 2018:  Johns Hopkins University, Lecture on “AI and the Future Human.”

March 23, 2018: “Integral Ecology and Common Good” Conference.  St. Thomas More College-University of Saskatchewan.

March 22-23, 2018:  University of Saskatchewan—St. Thomas More College, Saskatoon, C.A., Leslie and Irene DubéEndowed Lecture in Catholic Studies: “Integral Ecology and the Search for Wholeness.”

February 15, 2018:  Rothko Chapel Lecture, Houston Texas, “Divine Mystery and Global Consciousness.”

November 30, 2017:  Neumann University, “Living in a Sacramental World.”

November 3-4, 2017: University of North Georgia, Mountaintop Lectures, “God, Evolution and the Power of Love.”

October 5, 2017:  Siena College, “Are We at Home in the Cosmos?”

August 9-10, 2017:  The Living School: Center for Action and Contemplation, “Evolution and the Unfinished Self.”

July 14, 2017:   Ignatius Brady Lecture, St. Bonaventure University, “Bonaventure and the Centrality of Love.”

July 13, 2017:   University of Dayton, Lay Marianist Assembly Keynote Address,  “Saying ‘Yes’ in an Unfinished Universe.”

April 20, 2017:  Madeleva Lecture, St. Mary’s Notre Dame, “A Hunger for Wholeness:  Soul, Space and Transcendence.”

April 6, 2017:  Department of Theology, Villanova University, “Doing Theology in an Unfinished Universe.”

March 30, 2017:  Buffalo, New York, Canisius College/Newman Center, SUNY-Buffalo: “Consciousness and the New Cosmology: The Search for Wholeness.”

February 23, 2017:  Vivian Lamb Lecture, Villanova University: “Catholicity, Cosmology and Consciousness:  Why Wholeness Matters.”

November 18-19, 2016: Kerley Lectures, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Houston TX,  “What Are We Becoming With Our Technologies?”

November 17, 2016: University of Pikeville, “Science and Religion:  Beyond Dialogue.”

October 10, 2016: King’s College Lecture, “Are We At Home in the Cosmos? A Franciscan View of Creation.”

September 11, 2016: Orbis Lecture, “Evolution and the Power of Love”

September 22, 2016: Zahm Lecture, University of Portland: “Becoming Whole: Catholicity, Cosmology and Consciousness”

April 11, 2015: “Christian Faith and Deep Ecology:  Is Technology Changing Who We Are?”

10th Annual Fr. Wil Illies Memorial Lecture, Christ Church Neuman Center, St. Cloud, MN.

April 8, 2015: “Are Ecology and Technology Competing Myths?” Stanley I. Stuber Lecture, Colgate Rochester Divinity School.

April 7, 2015: “Big Bang Ecology and Conscious Evolution,” Stuber Lecture, Colgate Rochester Divinity School.

March 28, 2015: “Beyond Dialogue:  Christogenesis and Conscious Evolution,” Merton Centennial Lecture, Bellarmine University.

January 14, 2015: “Christ in Evolution,” Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA.

Lectures 1997-2014:

October 29, 2014: “Education and Evolution,” Convent of the Sacred Heart, New York, New York.

September 20, 2014: “Identity and the Catholic University:  Culture or Epistemology?”  Kings College, Wilkes Barre, PA.

June 4, 2014: “Evolution and the Primacy of Christ: From Scotus to Teilhard,” Franciscan International Study Centre, Canterbury, UK.

April 27, 2014: “Christ in Evolution,” King’s University College, London, ON.

April 25, 2014: “Catholicity in an Evolving Universe,” The Ignatian Lecture, St. Jerome’s University.

November 26- December 9, 2013: Theology and Science series, Sisters of Mercy, New Zealand.

November 14, 2013: “Christ the Future,” Albertus Magnus Lecture, Dominican University.

August 14, 2013: “Religious Life on the Edge of the Universe,” LCWR Keynote Address, Orlando, FL.

July 13, 2013: “Education, Evolution and the Emergent Christ,” Religious of the Sacred Heart, Atherton, CA.

July 20, 2013: “Franciscan life in Evolution,” Keynote address, Franciscan Federation Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

 November 9, 2012: “A Post Human World?  Technology and the Future of Humanity.”  Shannon Chair Lecture, Nazareth College.

October 6, 2012: “Leadership in an Age of Science,” Sr. Rose McPhee Lecture, St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas.

October 2, 2012: “Faith and the Cosmos,” Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA.

September 15, 2012: “Christ in Evolution,” Sylvania College, Toledo, OH.

July 4, 2012: “Why Francis?  Claim the Gift.”  Secular Franciscans Quinqennial Conference.

April 17, 2012: “Teilhard de Chardin, Transhumanism and Ultrahumanism,” LeMoyne College.

March 30, 2012: “The Origin and Goal of the Scientific Vocation,” Seton Hall University.

January 30, 2012: “Teilhard de Chardin, Transhumanism and Ultrahumanism,” Colorado State University.

September 19, 2011: “Teilhard de Chardin, Transhumanism and Ultrahumanism,” Georgetown University.

September 8, 2011: “Ecclesia Mulieris: Living as Image in the Body of Christ.”  St. Francis University, Joliet IL.

April 14, 2011: “Theology After Darwin: Toward a New Religious Future,” Catholic Heritage Series Lecture, Seattle University.

November 19, 2010: “Teilhard de Chardin, Technology and Transhumanism:  Are We Still in Christogenesis?”  Teilhard for the 21st Century.  Santa Clara University.

October 4, 2010: “The Ecology of Peace Making,” St. Francis Parish, Raleigh, NC.

July 6, 2010: “Creation as the Body of God,” Keynote for Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

April 25, 2010: “Are We at Home in the Cosmos?”  Providence College.

April 16, 2010: “The Universal Christ in a Plurality of Differences,” Keynote address, Center of Spirituality, University of San Diego.

March 25, 2010: “Christ in Evolution” Brescia University, Kentucky.

March 16, 2010: “Does Theology Need Spirituality?”  Archdiocese of Chicago.

November 9, 2009: “Franciscans and Science:  A Natural Attraction,” Villanova University.

October 22, 2009: “Evolution and Transhumanism:  What Are We Becoming?”  Science and Religion Lecture, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.

May 30, 2009: “Godhead or God Ahead?  Rethinking the Trinity in Light of Emergence,” Plenary Talk, Catholic Theological Society, University of Notre Dame.

April 17-18, 2009: “A Radically Amazing Universe.”   Prairiewoods Spiritual Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

January 28, 2009: “The Evolution of Techno Sapiens: Implications for Christian Life,” Cabrini College.

November 7, 2008: “Finding God in Creation,” Marian College.

November 7, 2008: “Franciscans and Science,” Marian College.

November 4, 2008: “Duns Scotus and the God of Generous Love.”  Holy Land Franciscan Monastery.

May 16, 2008: “God, What is Your Last Name?”  Diocese of Singapore.

April 3, 2008: “Evolution and Transcendence:  Towards a Christic Universe.” Niebur Lecture. Siena College.

November 15, 2007: “Is Being ‘Good’ or Goodness ‘Being’?”  2007 Aquinas Lecture.  Emory University.

August 11, 2007: “God-Talk in the TOR Rule: What is God Saying to Us?”   Neumann College, Aston, PA.

May 5, 2006: “Bonaventure and Creatio Ex Amore.”  Fortieth Medieval Congress.  Kalamazoo, Michigan.

October 29, 2006: “Christian Life in a World of Change.”  Presidential Inauguration Lecture. Washington Theological Union.

March 30, 2006: “Bonaventure:  The Person, Theologian and Mystic.”  Keynote address. Cardinal Stritch University. Milwaukee, WI.

September 16, 2005: “Franciscan Selfhood, Service and Society.”  Keynote address.  Felician College Convocation. Lodi, New Jersey.

October 29-31, 2004: “The Role of the Human Person in the Web of Life and in Creation:  A

Response to David Tracy.”  USCCB Conference, The Person, the Poor and the Common Good: A Catholic Dialogue on the Environment.  University of St. Thomas.

November 8, 2003: “Does God ‘Act’ in Creation?” Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.C.

December 3, 2003: “Franciscan Identity and Postmodernity:  Crisis or Challenge?”  Society of the Atonement, Graymoor, New York.

August 8, 2003: “Bonaventure and the Humility of God.” Neumann College, Aston, PA.

August 7, 2003: “Response to Zachary Hayes.” Neumann College, Aston, PA.

May 9, 2003: “God as Gift in Bonaventure’s Thought.” A Roundtable discussion on Bonaventure, Scotus, Ockham and Postmodern Thought.  Thirty-Eighth Medieval Congress. Kalamazoo, Michigan.

November 13, 2002: “Incarnation, Image of God and Artificial Intelligence.”  Metanexus: Center for Science and Religion, Philadelphia, PA.

October 25, 2002: “Franciscan Spirituality.”  Franciscan Mission Service, Washington, D.C.

May 24, 2002: “Franciscan Theology, Identity and Community,” Fifth Annual Franciscan Center

Symposium, “Exploring Franciscan Identity in Our Culture Today.”  Washington Theological Union.

May 4, 2002: “Difference and Identity:  A Postmodern Reading of Bonaventure’s Legenda  maior.”  Thirty-Seventh Medieval Congress.  Kalamazoo, Michigan.

February 27, 2002: “Why God Won’t Go Away? A Response to Andrew Newberg.”  American Academy for the Advancement of Science.  Washington, D.C.

November 28, 2001: “God’s Action in a World of Chaos.” Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, PA.

October 13, 2001: “Following Christ in an Evolutionary World:  The Franciscan Vocation Today.” Felician College, Lodi, New Jersey,.

May 25, 2001: “The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition:  Contemporary Concerns.”   Franciscan Center Symposium, Washington Theological Union.

March 28, 2001: “Christ, Humanity, and the Axis of Freedom.”  The Ramon Lull Lecture, Steubenville University.

October 12-14, 2000: “Divine Action in a World of Chaos:  The Power of God’s Humility.” Palacky University, Czech Republic.

May 6, 2000: “The Double Image of Bonaventure’s Itinerarium Mentis in Deum.”  Thirty-fifth Annual Medieval Congress.  Kalamazoo, Michigan.

August 19, 1999: “Franciscan Life in Evolution:  Towards a Christic Universe.”  Thirty-fourth Franciscan Federation Conference.  Columbus, Ohio.

June 30, 1999: “Chaos Theory and the Goodness of God.”  Washington Theological Union, Washington, D.C.

February 20, 1999: “Becoming a New Creation in Christ.”  Fourth Annual Conference for Women Religious.  Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

May 20, 1998: “The Renaissance of Franciscan Theology:  Retrieving the Tradition of the Good.” Washington Theological Union.

September 18, 1997: “Christ Mysticism in Bonaventure.” Villanova University.

May 12, 1997: “Bonaventure of Bagnoregio and Bernard of Clairvaux:   Human Image and the Role of Christ in Mystical Union.”  32nd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo.


 December 4-8, 2020: “The Infinite Within: Who We Are and What We Are Called to Be,” Center for Christogenesis.

November 20, 2020: “Why Do We Fear? Exploring Human Potential in an Age of Anxiety,” Center for Christogenesis.

October 24, 2020: “The Infinite Within,” Center for Christogenesis.

June 26, 2020: “The God Revolution: Beyond Racism and the Remaking of Religion,” Center for Christogenesis.

May 8, 2020: “The Sacrament of Everyday Life,” Center for Christogenesis.

April 3, 2020: “Hope in a Time of Crisis,” Center for Christogenesis.

December 6-8, 2019: “Living in Relational Wholeness: Love at the Heart of the Cosmos,” Center for Christogenesis.

October 18, 2019: “Becoming a New People for a New Planet: Exploring the Dynamism of Nature,” Canadian Memorial United Church, Vancouver, BC.

September 28, 2019: “Seeking Wholeness in an Age of Fragments,” Center for Christogenesis.

April 9, 2019: A Zoom Conversation with Ilia: “Exploring Love at the Heart of the Cosmos,” Center for Christogenesis.

February 1-3, 2019: Ilia Delio and Matthew Fox: “The Science of Love,” Rollins College, Florida.

November 1-3, 2018: St. Scholastica Benedictines, “Nature is Alive: Ecology and the Quest for Super Intelligence.”

October 12-14, 2018: Santa Sabina Retreat House, San Rafael, CA, “A Hunger for Wholeness: Soul, Space, and Transcendence.”

July 20-21, 2018: Omega Center, “Christianity as Planetary Faith.”

June 10-13, 2018: Madeleva Institute of Spirituality, “A Hunger for Wholeness: Exploring the Inner-Outer Universe.”

May 20-25, 2018: Maryknoll Institute of Theology, “Evolution and the Unfinished Self.”

December 16, 2017:  Franciscan Sisters of Washington DC Retreat, “A Hunger for Wholeness.”

October 28, 2017:  Mercy Center, St. Louis MO, “Cosmology and Consciousness: In Search of the Whole.”

October 16, 2017:  Catholic Worker House, Philadelphia PA, “Laudato Si and Our Future.”

September 30, 2017:  Contemplative Outreach DC, “Contemplation and the Inner-Outer Universe.”

June 3, 2017:  Bon Secours Spirituality Center, Marriottsville, MD: “Seeking Wholeness: Catholicity, Cosmology and Consciousness.”

May 13, 2017:  River’s Edge, Cleveland, OH: “Evolution and the Power of Love.”

May 5-6, 2017: Prairiewoods Franciscan Spirituality Center, Hiawatha, IA: “Spirituality in the 21st Century:  Consciousness and Christogenesis.”

April 6, 2017: Department of Theology, Villanova University: “Doing Theology in an Unfinished Universe.”

March 25, 2017: Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center, PA: “Seeking Wholeness: Catholicity, Cosmology and Consciousness.”

January 8-9, 2017: Redemptorist Renewal Center, Tuscon, AZ:  “Teilhard de Chardin: Living in an Unfinished Universe.”

December 10, 2016: St. John’s Episcopal Church, Ellicott City, MD:  “Christ in Evolution.”

December 3, 2016: Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land, Washington DC: “Encountering the Face of Mercy.”

October 28-29, 2016: Reno Carmelites, Reno, NV:  “Becoming Whole: Catholicity, Cosmology and Consciousness.”

September 16-17, 2016: Benedictines, Winnipeg, CA: “Co-Creating an Unfinished Universe.”

April 11, 2015: “Christian Faith and Deep Ecology:  Is Technology Changing Who We Are?” 10th Annual Fr. Wil Illies Memorial Lecture, Christ Church Neuman Center, St. Cloud, MN.

December 7, 2014: “God, Evolution and the Power of Love,” Melbourne, Australia.

December 6, 2014: “The Emergent Christ in an Unfolding Universe,” Melbourne, Australia.

December 5, 2014: “Science and Religion: Co-Creating a Future of Hope,” Melbourne, Australia.

December 4, 2014: “The Evolving Universe Within,” Sisters of Mercy, Sydney, Australia.

November 14-16, 2014: “Technology and Human Becoming,” Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ.

October 18, 2014: “God, Evolution and the Power of Love,” Dominican Sisters, Adrian, MI.

September 6, 2014: “Christian Life in Evolution,” Maryknoll Sisters General Assembly.

September 2, 2014: Conspire 2014 Keynote, Center for Action and Contemplation, New Mexico.

June 28, 2014: “God, Evolution and the Power of Love,” Sisters of Saint Joseph, Brentwood, NY.

June 18-20, 2014: “God, Evolution and the Power of Love,” Presentation Sisters, Dublin, Ireland.

June 4, 6-7, 9-10, 2014: “Christ in Evolution,” London, Manchester, Norwich, UK.

May 19-22, 2014: “Living in a Christified Universe,” The Well Spirituality Center, LaGrange, IL.

November 1, 2013: “Christ in Evolution,” Franciscan Renewal Center, Scottsdale, AZ.

October 26, 2013: “God, Evolution and the Power of Love,” Franciscan Sisters of Mary, St. Louis, MO.

October 19, 2013: “Christ in Evolution,” Sisters of Saint Joseph, Albany, NY.

September 9-14, 2013: “Love, Evolution and the Emergence of God,” Rivers Edge Spirituality Center, Cleveland, OH.

July 13, 2013: “Franciscan life in Evolution,” Keynote address, Franciscan Federation Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

July 9, 2013: “Education, Evolution and the Emergent Christ,” Religious of the Sacred Heart, Atherton, CA.

June 24-28, 2013: Love, and the Emergence of God,” Maryknoll Institute, Maryknoll, NY.

April 13, 2013: “A New World Up Ahead: Religious Life in Evolution,” Womens’ Convocation, Seattle, WA.

April 2, 2013: “Christ in Evolution,” Sisters of Saint Joseph Annual Conference, Keynote.

March 16, 2013: “Christ in Evolution,” Washington Consortium Science and Religion Lecture.

January 19, 2013: “Christ in Evolution,” Earth Literacies,Vancouver, BC.

January 18, 2013: “Are We at Home in the Cosmos?”  Earth Literacies, Vancouver, BC.

January 17, 2013: “Christ in Evolution,” Epiphany Explorations, Victoria, British Columbia.

November 16-17, 2012: ‘Christ in Evolution,” Sophia Center, Holy Names University.

September 7, 2012: “Christ in Evolution,” Association of Contemplative Sisters, Belleville, IL.

July 5, 2012: “The Human Person as Sacrament.”  Secular Franciscan Quinqennial Conference.

July 4, 2012: “Who Are You O Lord? A Franciscan View of God.”  Secular Franciscan Quinqennial Conference.

September 25, 2010: “Franciscan Compassion:  Let Yourself be Loved.”  Bon Secours Spiritual Center.

September 17, 2010: “Praying in a Busy World,” Theological College, Washington DC.

September 18, 2008: “Passion for Humanity, Passion for Christ.”  Felician Interprovincialate Assembly, Warsaw, Poland.

October 20, 2007: “Are We at Home in the Cosmos?  A Franciscan Perspective?”

October 21, 2006: “Prayer and the Water of Life.”  Franciscan Federation Region V, St. Louis, MO.

September 23, 2006: “Following Francis Today.”  San Damiano Community, Fairfield, PA.

September 24-26, 2004: “Bonaventure and the Centrality of Christ Today.”  Franciscan Formation program, Oldenberg, IN.

October 21, 2003: “Franciscan Spirituality Today.”  St. Bartholomew’s Church.  Bethesda, MD.

Academic Honors:

February 5, 2020:  Sacred Heart University – Doctor of Humane Letters.   An honorary degree granted by the board and faculty of Sacred Heart University for my work in science and religion.

May 10, 2015: Honorary Degree, Doctor of Science, St. Francis University, Loretto, PA.

Doyle Teaching Fellowship 2014-2015, Georgetown University.

Catholic Press Book Award 2014 for The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution and the Power of Love.  3rd place:  Faith and Science.

Silver Nautilus Book Award 2014 for The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution and the Power of Love.

Catholic Press Book Award 2012 for The Emergent Christ: exploring the meaning of Catholic in an Evolutionary Universe.  3rd place:  Faith and Science.

Catholic Press Book Award 2009 for Care for Creation:  A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth (1st place:  Social Concerns; 2nd place: Spirituality).


August 20, 2019:  Michael Ramsey Book Prize – shortlisted for book Making All Things New.  $1200 awarded.

July 2018 – July 2021:  I am in the third year of a Public Theology and Technologies of Presence Fellowship sponsored by The Institute for Buddhist Studies, University of California-Berkeley. This is a three-year $10,000 award funded by the Henry Luce Foundation.

2002 Templeton Local Societies Initiative Award, $5000.

2001 Templeton Course Award in Science and Religion, $10,000.


  • 2018: Villanova University:   $4050 awarded for conference on Consciousness, Nature and Transcendence.
  • 2018: Halloran Philanthropies:   $3000 awarded for conference on Consciousness, Nature and Transcendence.

Villanova Department Service:

 I serve on the following committees:

  • Executive Committee (elected for three-year term)
  • Diversity Committee
  • Systematics caucus
  • Department Rank and Tenure committee. Last year I wrote the review for Katie Grimes’s application for promotion.  I also participated in several other promotion discussions.
  • Director of Connelly Fellowship in Science, Theology and Human Flourishing for Undergraduate Research

University Service:

In Spring 2020, I was elected to the Faculty Congress, and currently serve a two-year term on the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities committee.

I also served on the Dean’s ad hoc committee for the Birmingham Chair.

Courses Taught at Villanova:

Faith Reason and Culture (UG)

Christ in a Scientific Age (UG)

Technology and the Human Person (UG)

Trinity and Non-Duality (G)

Foundations of Theology (G)

The Future of Christology (G)

The Vision of Teilhard de Chardin (G)

Post Humanism and the New Materialisms (G)